Friday, March 14

My first commissioned Children's Book

This book, written by Tracy Marton, was illustrated using watercolour. It's the first of a series in which more characters will be introduced in each book. I'm finished illustrating the pages and now I'm working on the layout.

Snowy Owl

My Snowy Owl was really frustrating at first. I finally was satisfied after re-painting it three or four times.

Giant paintings of Churchill, Manitoba

Here are some 8 foot paintings I did for a fundraising event. They were doing a marathon in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada!

Key of David

I was inspired to paint this key, with the Star of David in it last year. I wasn't sure what to paint underneath it at first, but after some thought and prayer, I painted the New Jerusalem, according to my imagination. This was a very fun painting, 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide, with all those fabulous bright colours! I did most of this with a pallet knife.

About half a year later, I was at Beckah Shae's first concert in Winnipeg, and behold at the merch table was this necklace! I believe she designed it.