Wednesday, October 12

Grounded - Illustration Friday

This is a painting I did for my church. As our pastor was speaking about life's difficulties, and how we often cry out to God asking why we are going through all these troubles...
... I painted black between all the branches, instead of lush green leaves. Isn't this what life feels like sometimes?
However, when God gives us understanding, or a revelation, of what He is really doing in our life, things start to make sense. After the black was painted, we turned the painting right side up.
God has it all figured out, from beginning to end. He's making us beautiful. We have a choice in how we will respond to His handiwork in our lives. We can get angry and bitter and curse Him or we can thank Him, trust Him and wait and see. He knows the plans he has for you. Do you? They are to give you hope and a future. 

Comic Convention in Winnipeg!

I'm going to the comic convention! And I'm bringing my comics and art! People have described my comic strip as being refreshingly wholesome. I hope it gives some light hearted relief in contrast to some of the deep, heavy, dark graphic novel type stuff that is out there. Maybe I'll see you at the Winnipeg Convention Centre Friday October 28 from 4pm-9pm, Oct 29 from 10am-10pm, or Sunday between 10am and 6pm.