Monday, January 31

Illustration Friday - Prepare

This was done using mixed media on watercolour paper. 
I sketched out my cat outline, then did a wash with acrylic paints, 
added water colour-pencils and finally pen and ink.

This illustration speaks of preparing your heart to be able to face the days ahead. When I spend focused time meditating on a scripture from the bible or listening to music that worships Jesus Christ, it may feel like a waste of time. But weeks or months later, when all hell breaks loose, others fret and worry while I am at perfect peace. Others freak out while I am confident and calm. Why is that? Well, all problems are small, no matter how big they are, when you are walking hand in hand with Almighty God and his son, Jesus Christ. This preparation is the best investment you can make in your life. 

Take time to get to know Jesus. He loves you and is well acquainted with all your ways. He still loves you, and always will. He also gives us a helper, which is his Holy Spirit if we ask for it. You can get to know God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit by reading the bible and asking God questions, during a quiet focused time. He is for you, no matter who you are, no matter what you've done. He's not like people, he doesn't condemn or hold grudges. He loves and forgives. That's where his power is, because God's pure perfect Love NEVER fails. 

Wednesday, January 5

Comic Strip News - Featuring Derry

I've sent my comic strip to five weekly newspapers in Manitoba so far. I'm pacing myself, hitting five additional weeklies per week for starters, with a total of 47 in Manitoba. After that I will go through the rest of Canada. Then! the daily syndicates!

I just came up with 2 more new comic strip ideas today, courtesy of my Uncle, unbeknownst to him. Thanks Gordon, you'll have to wait & see :)

Here's a character profile of Derry from my comic strip Commander Broccoli. (To see Commander Broccoli's Profile, scroll down two posts.)